My SO did the sweetest thing today


So Arby’s discontinued their cinnamon apple crisp which I absolutely LOVED.

I called the 3 Arby’s we have in town to see if they had any left. They didn’t so when I went to work my SO decided to have a guys night with my 4 year old since he’s off.

When I got home tonight I went into the freezer to take out something to cook tomorrow and there I found 10 cinnamon apple crisps. I asked how he got them and he told me he called around and found one Arby’s 20 miles away that had ten left so he went and bought them frozen so that I can pop them in the microwave when I’m ready. After all that I told him how much I appreciate him and we got to talking about the wedding in 10months. He mentioned wanting to legally adopt my son as his dad has never been around.. I’m so excited ❤️ I just had to share