Potty trained?

Chelsey • I'm married and have a beautiful little girl and a handsome little boy. Everything I have I owe to Jesus

My daughter will be 3 in March. We started potty training in June. I had a baby in October and we had to start over on potty training. She has been doing great. She’ll have an occasional accident during the day, but that’s it. She’s dry all night and during naps. We set a timer to make sure she goes and doesn’t wait until the last second and have an accident on the way to the bathroom. I was just wondering would she be considered potty trained now? Is there a certain point that she should just go on her own without being reminded? She’s very smart. She knew how to walk at a year old, but refused to walk until she was ready at 15 months. That’s how she is. She knows how to do things, but will not do it until she’s ready. Her just going on her own without us telling her, should that be happening by now?