Read my happy story plz


Ok so yesterday the guy I like finally asked me out 😍😍😍 he took me down to a river and we played around in the water and I was kinda sitting on a log in the middle of the river wet a tree had fallen down and splashing my feet around in the water 😂😊 and he comes upto me and kinda just throws water at me and stuff then he gets in close to me and just hugs me and I looked at him I thought shit were gonna kiss but I didn’t want to kiss him before we dated so I kinda moved my head abit 😂 and then he asked me to be his girlfriend 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 I said yeees and then I kissed him with excitement and then we kissed even more and made out 💗💗💗 it was just the most perfect thing ever I’m so crazy about this guy