Is there no hope between us?

Has anyone experienced where you have a guy friend and you liked him for a long time. For my case nearly 7 years throughout Highschool. I confessed to him 3 times throughout those years but was denied 3 times. However, he wasn't dog about it and replied kindly. In year 12, I was really hurt when he finally found a girl in his life. And they both liked each other. So in year 12 I told myself it was time to move on. And so I did. Honestly we already stopped talking after year 10, and so we just exchanged hellos at school. But last year when I started university we somewhat talked again and got connected. He finally was attracted to me...because I showed legs in my Facebook profile pic 😂 And nowadays we met up in places such as Zoos and parks, and do some naughties. And I just lost my Virginity to him yesterday! From the beginning he made it clear to me that he wants to hook up with me and we should use each other. Let's say he was hurt by his ex-gf and so he couldn't trust girls as much. Rather, he doesn't want any relationship. He does care for me but do I really want to stick around with someone who I really like but will never like me? Am I just gonna hurt myself in the future? I don't mind being friends with him but the idea of hook up with him, is it good for me? I don't want to end up sinking in the boat when he finally leaves. I tried to stop the hook up but I just couldn't. I don't want to leave him like what his ex-gf did. Honestly after sex I thought I could finally enter his life...make him trust me more but looks like my mission failed to save him from not trusting in girls. I just don't want him to be lonely forever. I want him to be happy. But what should I do? Should I wait for him to change and maybe one day he'll like me back or should I hit and quit?