Period while pregnant?🧐

Hey everyone! I had a miscarriage in October and have been TTC ever since. Unfortunately we haven’t had any luck yet😢 I was wondering if anyone has any experience or known anyone that this has happened to..... so my period started last Wednesday and ended on Saturday. A couple days before my period started I was super moody and sad all the time and I was also very nauseas at times (never threw up though). I figured the moodiness was just because my period was coming. Well, my period ended last Saturday and I’ve still been feeling this way but the nausea has stopped. I also saw on the internet that sometimes women can smell hcg in their urine and my urine has been a bright yellow and cloudy looking and has a weird smell to it. I just don’t feel myself and I was wondering if you can still be pregnant even though you had your period? Maybe you got pregnant late in the cycle and it was too soon for your body to stop the period from coming? Idk just trying to figure out what’s going on with me so if anyone has any advice or experience with this please tell me if it’s possible! Thank you💗💕