Hard to stay on track


So I was kinda vegan/vegetarian a wile back bc I just don’t like meat. I have a large family and my parents told me if I Wanted to be vegan or vegetarian then i would still have to eat what the family eats when we go out to eat. I agreed with those terms but I didn’t like them. Well I lasted threw for about a year (that was the year I lost a ton of weight and I felt amazing) but then my parents started saying they where they going to buy all the fruits and veggies I wanted because it was winter and in Michigan the produce is quite expensive so I was kinda mad but I let him do it I just ate salad and smoothies and it was ok (I didn’t eat any of those fake meats or cheeses bc when I tried them I didn’t like them and most of them are really bad for you). But then my parents made me stop being vegan/vegetarian bc my siblings wouldn’t eat what my mom made for dinner because they wanted to always eat my food (my moms a great cook but my dad said they said my food was “better”) I just don’t know what to do I want to be vegan or vegetarian again but I don’t know how I will keep up and stay on track I really want to lose that weight because after I had to quit I gained a lot of weight back and I want it to go away. (Btw my family is 10 people my dad has to buy everything for but 8 live in my house)

Before I quit being vegan/vegetarian

A few months after I quit

I am a vary short person (4’11”) so weight shows a lot more (I’m 175lbs)

(((Don’t mind my acne face when I was vegan/vegetarian I didn’t have pretty much any acne)))