So broken πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ’”πŸ’”

Growing up in an abusive home and having to be stronger than any child should be, I have learned how to notice red flags. I hardly ever let people in so I don’t get hurt and require a little more love on the days my demons come into play. I told you this at the beginning.

Yet knowing this I let you in. I let you see all the parts of me I hated and let you slowing fix some of my sadness. I wanted to take care of you, be your only girl and show you what you deserve.

But you had your own demons. Ones you consider as just friends and that they wouldn’t affect me. You. Us. But they did. The more you showed me these woman meant more, the more I broke. More I broke, more you pushed away and eventually you left.

You tell me how it kills you to leave. That you love me more than you ever know, and that no one else will raise above.. as you go on dating sites, talk to the girls you declared as unhealthy for you, and show me why I never trust. Well you go out and have fun, I’m home trying to get some sleep knowing, praying tomorrow comes.

I will always love you...

that’s cause I’m broken