Only love on this post. Come get your fix 💝


This one goes out to all the

badass bitches.

-to the one wearing orange lipstick and winged eyeliner on her retail day shift.

-to the office girl who’s matched her bra and panties because she feels sexier when she knows she’s all put together.

-to the one who shaved her head because someone else she loved had cancer and realized the freedom in being able to make the choice.

-to the mom who refused to let someone else tell her that school was no longer an option and finished college anyway, baby at her side.

-to the perfectly petty queen who’s dressing up on Friday night so her ex knows exactly what he’s missing.

-to the shy girl who struggles every single day in the wake of her depression and anxiety and STILL SHE RISES in the morning.

This one goes out to myself. To the girl I used to be and the woman I am now.

I am powerful. (So are you).

I am deserving. (So are you).

I am exceptional. (So are you).

I am capable of extraordinary things

and so are you.

So this one goes out to YOU witcha bad self.

You may not be whole.

You may not feel cured.

You may not believe it but TODAY is your day to look in the mirror and shower yourself with love.

I salute your self-love and I love you. You got this shit.

This one goes out to all the badass bitches.

[Drop a selfie or two in the comments. I’ll start. We’re about to drown each other in compliments and positivity, you got that?! No self-deprecation on this post, understand? Let’s goooo!)