October 2016 babies are grown up

no longer babies. they are full blown toddlers. our 16 month old daughter is definitely no longer a baby. she has her favorites now.. loves my mil and my mom. loves my dad.. here she is with my mil, reading a book to her. she's talking 30 plus words clearly. waves, points, claps. mimics, gives biggest hugs, has all her teeth minus her last 4 molars in the back. she's hyper, climbing everything. Oct 2016 babies group is fast becoming a toddler group. cheers

to all of mommies of Oct 2016 babies. they are growing so fast. and if Ur a ftm like myself. . it's absolutely amazing to watch YOUR baby, Ur flesh and bones, transition from a baby into a walking and talking toddler. next on the tackling list ( foe us at least ) transitioning to a toddler bed from her crib.

and finally, is interested in sitting nicely and "reading" books with grandma.. (up until a week ago, she has refused to sit and read.. instead she grabbed books and destroy them by chewing them until they fell apart )