Very Nerdy Couples Tattoos!


Husband and I got matching Pokémon badges a few weeks ago!

Green is the Earth Badge: it’s the boss’s badge in the game, so it represents my husband, the head of the family!

The Rainbow Badge is given to the gamer by gym leader Erica, a gardener and nurturer. That one represent me as a mother and wife.

Grey is the Boulder Badge. This is the first badge the gamer gets in the very first Pokémon games, so it represents our firstborn.

Lastly is the Thunder Badge. Our youngest is named after a prophet in the Bible who valled down God’s wrath in the form of thunder and lightening, plus he’s our little spark!

Tattoos were done by T-Bone at One Drop Ink in Nashville TN. One Drop is a black female owned tattoo studio and they specialize in color on darker skin tones! It’s always harder to get right, and many artists have told my husband he couldn’t ever get color tattoos. But T-Bone nailed it!