Women, Women, Women.

I noticed pregnancy weight is carried very differently, depending on the individual. For most women, in general, at 16 weeks they appear to be further along and for other women, they appear much smaller, at times not noticeable. I completely understand that every woman is different, and that's totally fine! What I don't seem to understand is the lack of compassion that thin, lean, petite, etc. women get on this app. Pay attention to the photos that bigger women post. They receive feedback, compliments, advice, etc. Pay attention to the photos smaller women post. You'll notice the lack of compliments, advice, compassion, etc. Why? This is not by coincidence! Why are women this way? Why are women so envious of other women? Why can't women be happy for other women? Why are women so resentful towards smaller women? Why do women lack self-confidence? Whatever the reason, I truly hope we keep in mind that there's enough room for all of us to succeed. We are all beautiful in our own way, regardless of our size or appearance. And if you find yourself unhappy with your physical appearance, I hope you develop the courage to change it. However, spreading hate is not acceptable!