Virgin at 18 and in a 1 year relationship 🙃

Well I’m new at this sooo I’ll just tell y’all what’s happening

So I’m 18 and I’m a virgin, is nothing to be ashamed of but I got a boyfriend n I’ve known him for almost 3 years, he was my best friend and crush in high school, after 1 year of friendship we started dating and now we’ve been together for a year n I haven’t let him f**k me... I’ve let him do other things except for that and is not that I don’t want to or anything is just that I’m so scared of what could happen, I’ve tried to let him but then i just start crying for no reason... and the thing is that i love him so much i really do so I don’t know why that happens I think I should go to a psychologist or something... please give me some advice it will be so helpful