Oh dear!! pregnancy hates me.


So I'm 8weeks pregnant... and i havent felt this bad since I caught one of those high school bugs that go around (i left high school almost 11 years ago) im a fitness freak I always watch what I eat...but since I fell pregnant all ive done is throw up turn my nose up at food and sleep...I'm signed off work due to hyperemesis...So that's part one of the rant I WANT FOOD AND DRINK.. I'm living off dry bread and water... zero satisfied... I usually love chicken rice pasta fish... and the fizzy water here and there...I enjoy normal water usually but pregnany is allowing me to keep it down but the taste oh no.... part 2: I started to doubt whether or not I can actually do this I want to be a mum don't get me wrong more than anything...but i dont work full time so I worry about money will I ever be able to get a full time job? and look after a child too...due to mental illness I enjoy going to the gym as it helps alot and the odd holiday in the sun will I Still be able to do these things?....I'm scared 3 months ago I wanted nothing more now I cant stop doubting myself... is it the hormones or am I being realistic? ive spoke about this to my partner and he just says you are not getting rid of this baby then goes in a mood (i never once said that I wanted to get rid of it)....ladies I'm struggling all i want to do is cry...I'm usually a strong cookie