Bradley Glen has arrived. He's just too cute!


Bradley Glen was born 1/23 at 11:21pm. He was 6lbs 11.2oz 19.5 inches long with a 13inchhead. I did get to deliver him vaginally (vbac)with an epidural, which in my mind was pretty perfect. I got to the hospital at about 5.5 cm dialated and begging for drugs because the contractions hurt so bad. They got me to a room, got an IV hooked up (after 3rd try) and then set up the epidural (that took 2 trys). After that I could barely even feel the contractions. I told the anesthesiologists they were my best friends lol. I hung out with mom, mother in law and hubby for like 3 hours and they finally came to check my cervix again and I was already 9.5cm. They made me wait a full hour before they came back, I only pushed for 31 minutes. He popped on out crying away. Everyone stood around in awe saying how perfect he looked for about 15 minutes including the drs and nurses. Brandon let my mom cut the cord. It was so awesome. Since I didn't push for long he came out with a perfect head. He looks just like his big brother. I tore on my perineum and in 2 spots near my urethra. The stitches healing have probably been the worst part of recovery so far. But so far everything is going great and I'm just so in love with baby boy #2.