Pump Recommendations

Alpha • 🏒

I have an almost 2 year old I still breastfeed, and was lucky enough to stay home with her until she was 15 months and exclusively breastfeed. She has a developmental issue that caused her to reject bottles, pacifiers, even sippy cups and solids until 14 months. So she was exclusively at my breast only and I didn’t have the opportunity to pump, leave her anywhere, or go back to work until she developed normal habits through an Occupational Therapist and Speech Pathologist.

Now we are pregnant with number three, and unfortunately the odds of baby three having the same genetic defect are high (our first son who was stillborn had it, and our live daughter does too), BUT I have to go back to work after 16 weeks postpartum and would like to attempt exclusively pumping. Hit me with the best pumps out there, price isn’t an issue. I previously had a Lansinoh and wanted to love it but it honestly sucked (no pun intended). I’m leaning towards Medela, but open to anything.