feeling down

my spouse belittles so much that its making my depression worse and worse he tells me i have no choice i have to take him to work or i have to take him to see his friends its not that fact that im his wife its the fact that he says i dont have a choice i do have a choice i can choose not to do these things for him im a human being i have feelings and every chance he gets he throws his ex in my face wil he says i never had this much trouble with her but im his wife i do things because i care i shouldn't be made to feel like the 2nd choice just because she didnt want him she called him while she was cheating on him on top of a guy having sex and him balling his eyes out why still even bother mentioning her ive been here for him for 6 years through his drinking and going to jail which he will be doing come the 29th ...... he thinks i much do as he tells me with no choice in the matter i feel like almost like hes a woman abuser just by the way he treats me and things he looks up online injured monkeys ppl doing those things to them it bothers me .... he doesn't see the wrong in any of it when i say i could just not do things for him he says he will call and have all our utility's cut off and quit his job idk what to do anymore im stuck i dont have anywhere to go and we just got married in august im feeling very alone in this cant afford to go see someone about this stuff insurance dosnt cover it im just so lost