How could she say that 💔


Me and my hubby were at a friends house for some drinks. so me and my friend were talking about life and what it had in store for us.... well we were talking about kids and how me and my hubby were trying and how they weren't. told her we were excited and had been trying for a couple months.... well this girl had the nerve to say... wow your not pregnant yet... what is wrong with you? (seeing how offended i got).. she quickly said or well himm to... is there something wrong with both of you?????? what in the F**K.... how could someone say something like that? like i trusted you enough to tell you about us trying and it taking some time... and you say that... well now i feel like something is really wrong with me... i just wanna be a

mom and comments like that are starting to really break me down.... Advice on how to stay positive? how did you get threw the hard months? how did you stay positive when everyone else is negative ?