Anxiety: just to get it off my chest!

I'm so over this ugh! My anxiety has just been through the roof since this past summer and I haven't been the same ever since. And I thought coming back to uni with my friends, that I would get better but it hasn't. And sometimes it honestly feels worse. But it just causes me so much stress and I know it takes such a big toll on my body but today's one of those days where it's hitting me hard. Like I was sick so I was feeling emotional/clingy and today now that I'm better I'm just back to worrying more. Literally my anxiety has me thinking all these symptoms I have could mean pregnancy even though I haven't had sex but just the fact that I've gotten intimate around my bf and worried that somehow there was some way only precum got in me and did that. Literally I sound crazy but my anxiety and worrying and stress makes my thoughts soooo much worse. But I also don't know why mood has been changing like this (and honestly it's happened before bc it all seems pretty normal) but I think the fact that my mind has like put that idea in my head is just making it so much worse bc now it's all I think is gonna be the outcome. This was sort of just a rant but I just wish I could stop feeling like this!!! And the fact that today I literally just don't want to go to anybody about it because I feel crazy. I mean I know there's people I can talk to and have talked to about my anxiety and things I worried about before but I just feel like there's so much on my mind that I don't even know how to explain it or where to begin. Ugh. Lol thanks for listening just had to get that off my chest!