Scared...tell me your Induction Stories


I want to hear from mamas who were induced after 40 weeks.

I’m currently 40 + 1. My doctor has scheduled to induce me at 40 + 6. I don’t have any complications or any risk right now. I’ve been dialated to a 1 and 80% effaced for 3 weeks with no progress. Baby is not yet engaged.

I am TERRIFIED to be induced. I’m so worried because I’m not very dialated and baby is not engaged I’ll end up laboring for hours and then end up with a c section.

The other issue is I’m not scheduled to see my doctor before I’m induced to ask all these questions I have.

I keep hearing and reading stories of women who weren’t dialated and they labored in pain for hours and then had to have a c section after being up for 36 hours.

Tell me your stories, good, bad, ugly. If you were induced after 40 weeks how did it go? Were you already dialated at all or was baby already engaged?