My pregnancy story

Cece • 💙

So 3 years my fiancé and I decided we wanted to try for a family. Okay I would check my period and ovulation days. Nothing was working until I got positive, I was beyond excited went to a ob and found out it false a positive even did a blood test . The ob wanted to send me to a specialist to if I could have kids and told me my insurance would not cover it. I was heartbroken and feeling like I was never gonna be a mom. I had no hope left in me.thats was 2015.Fast forward to 2017. We were still trying and nothing so I decided we should just wait.well in April of last year I started beauty school and was gonna be hair stylist , there was so much to learn and it was going great .May was a normal month school and work. My fiancé and I had sex I thought for sure I was pregnant i brought a test and pregnancy vitamins and got my period the next day. Disappointed again I didn’t even want to think about anymore.So now it’s June and I am so sleepy all the time I can’t stay awake , when the days of my period was supposed to come it didn’t I thought I’m just stressed that’s all. Well couple days later I got a Big Fat Positive and I was in complete shook. Went to a new ob he said I was 4 weeks I couldn’t believe. In July I dropped out of beauty school, my teacher hated me for getting pregnant and she would tell me I should drop out .i did end up leaving without saying goodbye because she played favorites and my baby’s health was on the line . So here I am in January 2018 9 months along (37 weeks ) 3 weeks exactly from my due date . This is such a blessing. Please know that Miracles happen and it will happen to you.