How to keep our friends OUT of our house?!

Kelsey • Wife. Friend. Christian.

We have two friends (hubby and I) that we normally hung out with a lot... but lately they’ve been overbearing. We made it clear we needed a night of bonding, just he and I, because we’ve missed us time. And even though we made it clear they just call (while we were starting to get frisky) and asked if they could come hang out for an hour! We didn’t say no, but told them we were busy and would have to wait a bit. How do I keep these friends far enough to get my quality time with my husband, while not pushing them away? It’s starting to effect my marriage.

**update: we put our phones on silent and also had a discussion about “Netflix night” once a week where we spend a night with our phones off and snacks and movies.

**also, some background... we have been lenient because Mike (our friend) had lost his cousin in a motorcycle accident last week, but this was going on far before that. He’s suffering some depression and we feel bad not answering the phone. Also, if we don’t answer, they are keen on just pulling up at our house.