Momma’s who have lost. 😔


I am currently pregnant with my third child. I had a healthy little boy in April of 2015 whom is about to turn three. ☺️ I fell pregnant again that same year in July and lost the pregnancy in September which was the most traumatizing hospital experience of my life. My heart still aches at the loss of my sweet angel baby. 😥😢 I got pregnant two weeks after the miscarriage and had my rainbow baby, my beautiful son, who I named Gabriel (meaning “God is my strength) which I thought was the most perfect name for my miracle! Fast forward— I fell pregnant yet again February of 2017. That pregnancy resulted in a chemical pregnancy at 5 weeks exactly. I woke up in horrible pain and knew instantaneously what was happening. 😔 I am now currently 5 weeks— 6 weeks tomorrow!! — with my 3rd baby. I am such a nervous wreck I cant remember being this worrisome with Gabriel. I’m constantly on edge, taking tons of tests! My point of this post is to ask Momma’s how they made it through! :( I couldn’t stop til I physically had Gabriel in my arms the worries.. God has given me peace that this baby IS okay, but my mind, my thoughts eat me up! Below are the first signs (tests) that I was pregnant with my second rainbow baby!

To ease my mind I took another test and it was the darkest I have ever seen!!

I see my OBGYN on the 5th of February! I’m BEYONNND ready for a sigh of relief!!!