wrong gender...


So past 2 visits to the US lady she said I was having a girl... on top of all they theory said it was a girl...( yes I did them all) I got tons of pink and painted the walls and had a blast to know we got our princess at last!!!! we had the most perfect name to our liking...Well today I got a 3D & 4D US done by a different lady.... and she shows me it is very clear we are having our 8th boy.... now not that I get many responds or anything I want to 1st let you know 4 boys are my husband's 3 are from my body! I am not by any means not blessed or happy to have this son with my husband our first together and our last... I was just so happy to be getting our girl so I am more mad at the lady before... I knew she didn't take the time to do it right... and I only every got 1 or 2 print outs... So idk just had to rant to someone

to just a wall idk... But has anyone gone threw this??