need help !!!!

hey girls so i recently started talking to my ex boyfriend again (no judgement please) and we’ve been having sex but when we do it, it really hurts and i have no idea why. i’ve had sex with other guys between us being broken up and it didn’t hurt but now even after it and for a few days my vagina feels kind of sensitive which is very unusual because this has never happened before. as we are now frequently starting to see each other it hurts less and less but then again i’ve only seen him a few times and it’s usually every few days or about a week apart.

also is it normal to have a lot of discharge in about the middle time of my cycle, sometimes it smells funny but it smells natural and i think it is like that because there is a lot. i don’t have any sti’s i’ve been checked but it seems to happen like this the days after i have sex.

girls i’m really confused with it all i’m not usually an expert on this and i wanna hear from your experiences. thanks heaps really appreciate it. X