Im so confused


So I'm currently on my 4th pregnancy but 2nd child as im currently almost into my 2nd trimester.

Lately everything has been feeling off. I'm 12+4 weeks and had my last sono at 5+6 weeks. Today i woke up as usual just fine. Then by about 2-3pm i had theae horrible cramps that radiated from my stomach towards my back and well rectal area. Weird for me as this has never happened before. I confided in my aunt as shes the closest i have to a mother and she's helped me during my pregnancy with my daughter. She said it could be a possible miscarriage which now has me stressed and worried. The pain stopped and i went about my day visiting family. Once i returned home the cramps came back but only the stomach area and lasted maybe 10 mins. Now i just have severe neck pain and just feel off. Im trying to wait till my appointment on the 6th but im not sure if my worrying about this will make that happen.

I've been feeling so off lately that i don't even want to have sex or go down on my bf and i know he feels neglected but i also feel he doesn't understand me.