well here we go again


It has been a month..... let me say that again... A MONTH!!! since ovulation. During that whole week and the week after my husband and I did the deed, baby making dance, horizontal monster mash, whatever you want to call it with all of the fixins (Pre-seed,OPKs). It is a MONTH after and it started... pain in the breasts, I threw up Saturday, dizzy, light headed, fast heart rate, fatigue. So I did the one thing I HATE doing. I took a test and another and another... ALL THREE!!!! negative. I feel like crying myself to sleep tonight. This month marks 1 year..... 1 FREAKIN YEAR off of BC. 1 year of trying for OUR FIRST. 1 year after my husband asked me to get of BC so that we could finally start growing our family. Once again here we go waiting on my period so that we can start counting down the days to start all over again.