Too much on registry??

A few months ago one of my friends was pregnant and my other friend said “omg did you see all of the stuff on her registry, that’s asking for a lot” I didn’t think it was a lot at all...

so now I’m nervous about putting a lot of things on my registry. Of course I know I’m not going to get it all but I also have a lot of different priced items too. I’m using baby list so I don’t think there’s a percentage off once the baby shower comes, on whatever was not bought but I liked that registry since you can add from different stores. Most of the stuff is from babies r us so I guess I could just do a registry from there because I know you get money off when you order the rest of the stuff from your registry.

What do you think? How many things are you putting on your registry? Also, are you putting big ticket items like a crib or car seat on your registry?