[Pics] my cellulite is so bad

I look at everyone trying on bathing suits posting pics and everything and I just can’t do it. I look so bad and I am only 20. I really just want to cry. I have been considering a BBL or something. Although it is pricey I would do anything to feel confident in a bathing suit. I don’t even want a butt anymore. What’s the point if it looks this gross, I look better with clothes ON. Still can tell I have cellulite, but I just think how gross people say it is. I’m even too ashamed to not post it anonymously. I wear jeans in the summer If their not long. Please someone what can I do? At least to get the big dents out, I have health problems so I can’t do extreme exercising. I am on a low calorie diet and I do make sure I do 10,000 steps a day.