Could I be pregnant...again?


My daughter is now 8 and a half months old. I decided to use the nexplanon for birth control because I was breast feeding. I was constantly bleeding for months so my doctor prescribed me 3 months of birth control pills to try and regulate the bleeding and im on my last pack of pills. Anyways things were going great until a week ago I started noticing pregnancy symptoms. The first thing I noticed early on before I found out I was pregnant with my daughter was this electric shock feeling in my boobs. I started feeling this last week but I just ignored it. Also I struggled with endometriosis and 2 weeks before my missed period with my daughter all of my pain just vanished. As I was laying in bed with my daughter this morning my right side which is usually so tender to touch was 100% pain free and I have a week and a half until my period so too early to test. Is this even possible on 2 methods of bc? Edit: It's too early to take a test or else I of would already.