Can you not ovulate but still get your period?

Lindsay • New Mama to baby Parker ❤🦄

Hi- so, here's some quick info about myself. I'm 34 years old will be 35 in March (not looking forward to it ) and I came off my birth control the last week of October. I've been in BC for almost 20 years- I've never been pregnant? I've never had a scare and I use to completely skip the sugar pills and just go to the next pack to avoid my period until seasonal came out. I'm finally in a happy healthy loving relationship with my SO. In all my past relationships I could never picture myself having a child with this person or spending the rest of my life with them and now I can't picture my life without my SO. Anyways, we are TTC and I know that it can take time for your body to readjust after being on the pill for so long but I have this fear that I won't be able to concieve. That I've waited to long , I fucked around with my birth control and screwed up my body. I am getting my periods regularly about every 25-28 days but can you get your period but not ovulate ? I've read several articles online that this is possible but has this happened to anyone else? I bought the ovulation sticks and have peed on them twice to see that im not ovulating and now I'm just down right scared to anymore bc of what I might find out. I'm sorta having a vent I'm scared out of my mind here post so any words of wisdom or a dump truck of baby dust would be kindly appreciated. Thanks for reading my vent/ concerns/ questions- baby dust to everyone!!