Marriage after baby.

I will try and keep this short. My husband and I found ourselves pregnant before he was ready. I knew going into this with him, his maturity level was not going to be up to par. I knew he would have much growth and education to learn on how to be a new husband with a new baby. the first year of marriage after 4 years of being in a relationship was extremely hard. They say the first year of marriage is the hardest, so I had some warning so to speak. In the course of 17 months I have grown bitter towards him. I have a short temper, and everything he does annoys me. I do not like him showing affection towards me. I feel happier alone, and seeing that scares me. We have had conversation after conversation about him stepping up. He thinks because he works 40 hours a week, and sometimes takes care of our son in the middle of the night, that that is all he has to do. Beloeve me when I say that, is all he does. Unless I tell him to do something. and even then he gets wrapped up in video games, and forgets. I have high anxiety, and it does not take much to put me in an anxiety attack these days. More times then not, he will see that I am in an attack, and never ask if I need help, or provide comfort. I feel very alone in parenting role. I feel like i stepped up, and he is still living an old life. I am in a tough spot. I do not want to quit on us, but at the same time I know I deserve better. I do not know how else to get him to see that he is not doing enough, and that we are sinking. Any advice?