is it to early?


I'm on birth control and had gotten sick where they put me on antibiotics. of course I didn't even think about how there's a possibility my BC won't work correctly right, well we had an accident 6 days ago well 5 days ago I had CM that looked a lot like ovulation CM... but I was only 3 days into my pilpack for the month. I have a 5.5 month old son so I have not been thinking about it but last night I had a wave of nausea within 5 mins maybe less I threw my guts up and felt fine again other than a headache. my bbt on the day I think I ovulated it was 98.8 my temp normally is 97.8 which it was the day after, but today its back at 98.8... should I get ready to test in a few weeks or am I over thinking this please help.. oh and I know I'm an adult I also know that babies happen when you have sex all that so please don't lecture me. thanks