Going on 5 years


And he still sends me these types of texts out of the blue while he’s working. So grateful for that man. Thankful he has no problem supporting us financially and is giving me the opportunity to stay at home with our daughter. Thankful for everything we share and discuss in our marriage. Thankful for his openness and honesty. He never makes me feel like the money he earns isn’t ours together. Hell, he even asks me first if he can buy something he wants. He’s the best teammate I could ever pray for and I’m so thankful he’s mine. Thankful for how much he takes stay at home moms seriously and praises their work. Thankful he respects his parents. And so thankful for how excited he is over being a father himself.

Just felt like I needed to get this mushiness out there. Too many stories of crap husbands on this app. Good ones ARE out there. Know your worth. Know what you deserve. But also know that you need to give what you get. If you have an amazing man. Be an amazing wife/girlfriend/partner right back. Don’t take that for granted. Ever.