Hey girls! So I’m 17 in feb 🤪- I have a boyfriend and an amazing family and set of friends who all compliment me as much as any boyfriends/ family and friends do 😊, however I have 0 confidence in myself, I’m not big, however not as small as I wish, I dislike my nose, my lips, my boobs my hair, my back - I could go on. I dislike myself so much, I wish I could change so much about myself. However, this is what social media has done to me, I am young and yet hate so much about my self. I hate how many other girls my age feel the same way as I do! - each one of you are beautiful in your own individual ways. How can you be expected to be loved when you can’t even love yourself. GIRLS, we need to stop looking for imperfections in ourselves which is caused by the administration of others beauty’s and start believing that WE are beautiful. Stop finding flaws in yourself and write one thing below you love about yourself. I LOVE the cute little freckle on my lip, something people often notice on me 😊 - starting small is a place to start! - girls if you need someone to talk to - my snapchat is poppy_mason😛