Idk what to do 😭🤕


Okay so me and my boyfriend had sex etc. He cumed inside me. After 2 weeks I started to feel dizzy and morning sickness etc. So Friday I had sex with him and later that day I saw light blood it was pinkish and watery (not period blood ) & then I put a pad on and I read online that it was an implantation etc. So my boyfriend is urgent for me to take a pregnancy test and I told him to wait that it wouldn’t show if I was pregnant yet cuz theirs still a little bit of blood coming out , so I took the test today and it came out negative;/ idk what to do I’m pregnant or not ? Someone please help I been trying to have one with him since when please let me know if I’m pregnant 🤰🏼 thank you - 😭🙏🏼