i need help. someone with info about a "immigrant"

i been dating this man for 2 months now and i just found out hes a "illegal" i hate saying that because im totally against all that bullshit but i feel like thats something he should have told me when we first met. he just met my daughter last week a and we were getting real close but now im worried and confused, see he works but with his cousin and i was told since he cant get a id social a place to live or anything its goin to be hard on me to live if we choose to move up because ill be doing everything. also nervous at the fact of my daughter getting close to him and him having to leave, i hate that other word. :( idk what to do now. he makes me feel so special and hes just a great man but i am lost now.

what would yall do??

might sound funny and no this doesn't mean im goin to just get started but i was told if a person like so was to have a baby with a us citizen does that make them a okay to be here??