I had my left tube removed


So after finding out I was pregnant on 1/10 , I started spotting 1/13 and followed up on several doctor visits for continued bleeding, finally on Friday I found out that my baby had actually implanted into my left tube. I had emergency surgery on Saturday morning to remove my entire fallopian. I am devastated because we had been trying to conceive since I had my tubal reversal on July 2016. I had 2 chemical pregnancies last year and finally I actually ovulated on January 1st and I felt like this was it.

But I am better now knowing where all the pain was coming from...I guess as instant as the egg implanted into tube, I started feeling the lower back pain and the bleeding started. Throughout all these days my beta HCG was rising so it was definitely a confirmation of pregnancy but too bad it was in my tube. I’m kind of depressed now and don’t really want to “try” anymore and my husband is discouraged as well because he doesn’t want me going through any more surgery or pain 😫😢 Has anyone else experienced this?