Momma seeking advice from other non-judgmental Mommas.


I only ask for non-judgmental Mommas because when I asked the Moms in my life on Facebook they were incredibly rude. I truely don't understand why. I feel like my question was a pretty standard question.

Any who, my daughter turns 8 months old tomorrow. She has been pretty normal up to this point. Just your standard baby stuff. But lately (the last 4 or 5 days), she has been increasingly difficult. She has always been sort of demanding when it comes to wanting attention. We pick her up and love on her about half the time. The other half we try to show her she can have fun with her toys by herself. She used to do just fine. She would play for an hour or so in her walker or on the floor with her toys. However she won't stand 5 minutes alone now. She screams bloody murder before every nap and bed time. Sometimes its for just a few minutes and sometimes it's for 45 minutes plus. Sometimes I let her just cry it out and sometimes I go in and give her her binky again and adjust

her on the bed.

I just don't know what to do. Do I continue doing what I'm doing? Did I do something wrong? Why did she just completely change and refuse to be put down. She recently got over a head cold so I'm a little more willing to hold her for longer just because of what her and I both just went through. Watching her suffer and not being able to take it away made me actually cry. My husband just laughed at me and told me I was cute for crying. Not helpful. But thanks boo. Lol.

Any advice?