rant ....what do u think


okay sooo I'm currently 13w5d with my second child. While pregnant with my first, my husband "went out with friends" after we fought and ended up going to a strip club and paying some bitch to blow him. I found out and was mad as f***, he kept denying that anything happened, it only came out because one of the guys he went with threatened to tell me so he just told me ...blah blah blah ....its been over a year ...Anyways last Saturday he went out with his friend (we moved back to cali ad a different friend) ..after him (friend ) and his wife fought, my husband and I had also been arguing (his friend and wife live with us) anyways my husband was all "can I go hang out with so and so" (two other people besides the one lives with) I said I don't care,even tho we both knew I did. He went out,hours passed and the wife was tryna get ahold her husband so asks me to call mine. I did 4times no answer then twice on Facebook nothing. so i get on his fb looked up the people he told me he was gonna b with nd called them saying to u tell my husband to answer his fucking phone ...long story somewhat shorter he did I ask him y he's not picking up his response is "I didn't hear it" but ur friend heard his nd is sitting rite next to u??? no we get into another argument nd I tell him I don't trust him ....blah blah blah. well my husband started working yesterday, outta town. Has to catch a ride everyday, I'm texting him no response finally does and befoe I can send my next message his other phone goes off, I'm like wtf so i get on it to c who it is (he has two phones one is hooked on wifi both have his fb ), its some bitch I got thru reading the mesages he's the one who started the convo.....he gets home askes me "what's wrong" i say get situated then ask me,he was n a car for over and hour so im like okay ..he asks again I just come out nd say "who's ***" he says oh i work with her she's nobody, but mind u hes told me about everyone else he works with...he cuts me off starts to raise his voice and goes on, she's nobody i dont have anything to hide ...but if u work with her, just getting off work y do iu need to msg her?? like The f***, I'm mad as f***,I'm hurt,we just went thru me telling him i don't trust him last weekend...this bitch is talking about "best friend"and flirting in the conversation. I'm shaking😤 i calmly got my tea out the microwave told my daughter i was going upstairs nd to behave, and here i am trying not to cry I want to pour my hot tea on him ..he got n the shower. I feel like he's tryna think of what to say to me but there isnt shit he can say I'm livid as F**** y'all don't understand writing this don't even help like i thought it would....your opinion??