So my husband and I have a complicated relationship right now! We do not live together and the reason why is because he told me to let’s move so I said okay but he wanted me to go first. My daughter and I went first and stayed for 6 Months!! He never showed up, to move back.

So, she and I came back to where we live and he had moved out of that house. He said that hw lives with a bunch of dudes from work but won’t tell me where. He doesn’t tell me who he works for but he works. Apparently he works 2 jobs! 🙄 He recently left his phone in my car and I had it for 2 weeks! He never came to my Moms (where I live) to get his phone. The entire time nobody called but one person. It was about ordering special paint for a truck by the call was for an woman. He claims he knows nothing about it but he DOES have a truck. During these 2 weeks I put a tracking app on his phone and hid it to where he wouldn’t know I did it.

It popped up his location to a house, near where I picked him up before. So, here recently I started asking questions as to where he lives and stuff. He told me he moved, (never told me before that he did) and live with different guys.

My Mom thinks that he has a different life with another woman and I can’t help believe HER because he has been lying to me and being secretive.

What do you ladies think? Should I let it go or should I continue to investigate?

It just feels so wrong but I did ask him, if this was me... how would you feel? Would you be asking questions? Would you hate that you didn’t know where I lived? Of course his answer was yes! 🙄 Please help!