How are you postpartum mommy's dealing with your new bodies?


I am a first-time mom that is 11 weeks postpartum & finally coming out of the having a newborn phase. Over the last week I've really looked at my body and noticed the changes... I'm talking about varicose veins, spider veins, stretch marks in places I didn't even realize I had stretch marks, the fact that I flush like a schoolgirl when I get slightly embarrassed or there's a slight change in temperature, not going to lie the extra weight is definitely not helping me especially since it's not just melting off with breastfeeding like everybody said it would. But I can deal with the extra weight, I am just trying to come to terms with other changes in my body. I told myself my body did an amazing thing.. carried a child and delivered a child and I would never change that. I'm just curious to see how your other mommies are coping?