Sneak Peek Clinical?


Any mommas use Sneak Peek clinical? I've heard mixed reviews about the at-home version - but the 3D/4D office near us offers the clinical version where a phlebotomist takes your blood for you. They claim to be 100% accurate - but there isn't many reviews about this version online.

I was going to get the panorama done during my 12 week appointment and the tech was out. I went to go back the next day she was supposed to be in - and found out she was out again. The following day the doctors office called me and said the Lab was in the process of packing their things up and would no longer be offering the test - and now I have to go the hospital to get blood draws and they will not do the panorama. I am SUPER bummed because I would have gotten the results next week and now I'm waiting 6 weeks until my ultrasound.