My husband isn't the same

My husband has really been acting different towards the end of my pregnancy. More of a jerk. We reached out to a place called wheeler clinic to get some services for counseling she worked with us years ago so she was super happy to find a good marriage counselor. My husband works at a pizza shop and he gets out at 10 pm mind you I'm starving and get super excited he has food. I'm sitting on the couch with our 5yr old and I'm currently 33 weeks pregnant. He sits down and eats a chicken wrap so I get up and ask oh you didn't get me anything he immediately says wtf I'm hungry go cook something First off he told me this morning not to take any meat out hell bring food. So I'm upset and I'm like your joking. He then looks at me wvith his eyes wide open and tells me to get the f out of his face or he's leaving I started to get confused here goes why we need counseling no communication he runs away from his problems. He takes the food and chucks it over my 5 yr olds head and it landed all over our baby's mammaroo and diaper bag it's completely ruined now. He told me to get the F out of the house or he's putting me in jail for harassment mind you I only was just upset he didn't bring me food. He calls me fat and tells me to lose weight. He's taking my kids from me he hates me. He tried to call the police but I recorded our whole conversation because I knew something was up. I started getting contractions really bad I'm crying in pain he tells me he wants to leave this house but doesn't even move his ass off the couch. He told me hell call an ambulance and they can bring me to the doctor to get checked out. He then says fuck this baby I don't care but he quickly cleans the baby's stuff because he supposedly called the cops to put me in jail. I go thru this on a daily basis because we are married and he did tell me he needs help but now doesn't want it. I can't seem to get to him and just talk it's either he's leaving or he's calling the cops or dcf sorry for long rant I'm frustrated I have no family because of him.