Two last names?


Hi ladies, i just want opinions or advice. I love my last name because it not very common, Turcios. So my bf and i have had somewhat of an argument on what our babies in the futures last names would be. They’re OBVIOUSLY going to have his last name, our problem is i would love for them to have mine too.. i told him their id’s passports, WHATEVER can just be his last name.. but that i just wanted mine on their birth certificates. So it would be Martinez-Turcios, bc thats how my siblings are and i know the turcios gets cut off on their name and no one even knows about it but we do of course. And i would just love the fact that my future boys (if i have any) would have my last name on their birth certificates. And my bf DOES NOT want that at all :( and it makes me sad a little. Maybe i just have a hard time letting go? Is he overreacting over hyphenated last names? Am i overreacting? I told him my last name would get cut off on most things, and their entire life they would go bu Martinez, all i want is my last name on the b.c and he just wont budge. So any advice to kind of help me cope? I guess? It’s just a pretty big deal to me and i know it shouldnt be but has anyone else gone through this? Also, he basically said if i couldnt be 50/50 on that decision that “we’ll see whats gonna happen” so im guessing he’d break up with me over this? Idk

Update: we finally came to an agreement, and all he asked is if his first boy could have just his last name, im totally fine with that bc we plan to have a lot of kids lol so my name would be passed down one way or the other. He said he overreacted, im like ya u did. But we’re good now! So happy we dont have to argue about this anymore!

Thank you ladies for your advice and tips!