I was so sick UPDATE!

So last night my stomach was bothering me before we went to bed. Fell asleep woke up around midnight running to the bathroom I shit everywhere... like it exploded out of the toilet and onto the tub... I was so dizzy and out of it I had no idea.... I came back to bed and around 230 same thing woke up and ran to the toilet... few hours later I’m still sleeping because I’m still dizzy and have an upset stomach. He comes in our room and said ummm did you poop in the other bathroom?? So I said that I did then he told me about happens.... I was like OhhhhMyGawwwwwd. As disgusting as it is he is so amazing for cleaning up the bathroom while I’m sick.

UPDATE: So yesterday (Sunday) I was feeling better but not 100% I went downstairs to go outside I got super dizzy and fell down the stairs so he moved his flight back to stay home an extra night to make sure I was better before leaving me home alone with the kids. After a weekend spent in bed shitting/pissing out my butt I believe we came to the conclusion I got food poisoning from dinner Friday. My amazing boyfriend cleaned/disinfected both the bathrooms, took care of the kids (our 2month old is the tricky one) took care of me. I seriously love him. We’ve been together for a few years and this is the first time I’ve ever been this sick or done something this disgusting in our relationship. I feel like its a entirely new level.