Bloody urine?

Ace🤱 • Breastfeeding, baby wearing mommy of three!

Sorry kinda long... 24 weeks pregnant.

So, I had my routine prenatal visit yesterday (Friday) & had to see a different doctor because my doctor was out sick, I had told the doctor about some back pain on the left side I've been having under my rib as well as the light occasional spotting when baby kicks me hard (he's breech, feet right at my cervix) which she assured me was normal however if it becomes more frequent we need to worry. (I see maternal fetal medicine every two weeks because of history of preterm labor at 36 weeks with two other children as well as history of miscarriage & my DD having VSD) She then told me that my urine (they test it for you every visit for proteins etc) had shown traces of blood but my UA in office didn't show any uti or bladder infection however they'd send it out for culture & would have results Monday or Tuesday. They didn't do any internals as I have a low lying anterior placenta & they try not to insert anything into my vagina unless it's an emergency. Now tonight I woke up from a nap because my back hurt so bad! Hubs rubbed it out & microwaved a wet towel & did some hot compresses & I felt better. Not 100% but definitely better than when I'd initially woke up. I drank a bottle of water & of course had to go to the bathroom, when I wiped it was red blood. I initially freaked out & panicked thinking it was coming from my vagina but it's not. I peed a little more & again more blood... anyone experience this? My ER is a complete mess & they don't ever follow my OBs instruction to send me to L&D; so I like to avoid going there but I think I just may have to. 🤦‍♀️ before I make that call I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this & how it worked out for you?