Mom Says I'm Weird With My Pregnancy ...LOL

So I'm 33 weeks pregnant and I'm not really on the big side ,I'm very small to be in my 8th month and besides the morning sickness,insomnia/fatigue,occasional heartburn, constipation,and PUPPS pregnancy has been pretty easygoing ,I still move around and do things like I'm not even pregnant and my mom called me weird because she said I don't act how she expected me to while being pregnant .I'm like the same ad I was before I got pregnant ...I haven't gained weight,I don't have mood swings,no swelling,no braxton hicks,no weird cravings,etc....I literally forget I'm pregnant sometimes because of how little I am ..I'm kind of grateful my pregnancy has been easy but I have a feeling its going to be totally different when I enter my labor and postpartum phase ,I've been more scared of those two things than being pregnant