*updated post trip* Anxious mommy: Leaving baby for 8 nights



I have returned from my trip and this is what I’ve learned from this experience. I’ve never missed anyone as much as I missed my baby, I kept telling my partner that half of my heart is back home. Having said that...the three layovers on our way there (21hours) and two on our way back (30 hours), the time change, the cold weather (3° - 9° Celsius) and all of the public transportation we took would have made for a really rough trip had we brought the baby. I was consoled by our daily FaceTime check ins and the fact that her grandparents were incredible at not only caring for her, but sticking to our routines that I typed out for them. During our FaceTime check-ins I could tell she missed us and I have to be honest, I’d cry immediately after most days. I made the best of this trip, on 2 of the 8 nights I slept a solid 10 hours! We went wine tasting, had late evening dinner dates, watched sunsets, drank wine, reached our sightseeing destinations by train and subway, took walks around town and explored the beauty that is Tuscany.

Upon arrival, I was so extremely excited to get my hands on my love bug. She was just waking up and it seemed like she couldn’t believe her eyes. She would look at me and give me a squeeze then turn to her daddy and smile. She did that about 5 times before we headed to the room to breastfeed. All my hard work of pumping and dumping (I think I dumped about 20 oz 😢) while on the trip paid off. She latched on and I was in bliss again...until that night, she refused to latch and cried, I cried too. For the next 2 days/nights this was the case. This was not something I was prepared for. I was naive to not think that she may not want to breastfeed after a week of nothing but bottles. We are a week in from returning and I am happy to note that I was persistent in offering her my boob every chance I got and she is now feeding a few times a day w me! Thank god! I was not ready to wean.

Thank you ladies for your tips and support! I left expressed milk, left flight and accommodations info, called her doctor and left a consent note in case her grandparents needed it, I typed up a schedule, was specific on the types of foods we’re comfortable with her having, I brought her favorite blankets and lovies to their house, and left a scarf with my scent behind. Most importantly I trusted that everything was going to be ok and thank god it was! I’m not regretful and feel blessed that I got this experience and Francesca and her grandparents are much closer because of it ❤️ *


My boyfriend and I have an opportunity to visit Italy and pay no room and board while we are there. We decided to go, but are leaving our 10month old daughter with her grandparents. The trip is days away and I wish we would’ve thought about doing sleepovers prior to help with the nights(she did spend two days with them last week while I worked because her caretaker was sick).

She has slept in a pack-n-play (what she will be sleeping in while we are away) before for about 4 nights while I went home for the holidays and was just fine at night and during her naps. I’m hoping that will be the case while we are gone. I had a thought to sleep with one of her blankets the next few nights and leave her with that, as well as leave her some pumped breast milk to give to her for her nighttime feedings. I am feeling anxious and sad, to be honest, to be leaving her...but, I told myself that this recharge will be welcomed and that she is in great hands. Any advice or tips on something I could do in the next few days to make this a bit easier on her? Also, what important information have you left behind? Phone numbers etc...that I may not have thought of? Thank you!