Party Drama

Long story short, my best friend threw a party. I was drunk. My friend was drunk. We were sitting on the steps together and I said to him, “I’m sorry I kissed you earlier, I probably shouldn’t do that I know you like my friend.” He just smiled and went “it’s alright, can I have a kiss?” To which I said yes and we started making out. But, when we pulled apart my friend who he has a crush on had seen. They have a horrible past of hurting each other and agreeing just to be friends. But, I started freaking out and in the morning I got a text from her saying it’s all good they’re just friends she doesn’t like him etc. But later, I got a text saying she was stupidly mad at the guy. And she was informing my friends that we just started making out in front of her. Also he made out with my best friends girlfriend too and she wasn’t mad about that, only how we kissed. I texted him and we made nice and there’s no regrets so we’re okay. But I think she’s still mad and that’s not fair. She even went to the party to make him jealous. I don’t know if I messed this up or what’s going on but ah.