Suspension story

(Note all this is real)

So my boyfriend was hanging out with some friends and I was sleeping and he thought he would show off his new 'toy'. He told them to wait while he set it up. He came to get me and carried down into the basement while I was asleep. Of course I woke up. I asked him what he was doing and he just said "showing my friends my favorite toy" he legit said that, of course being the horny slut that I am went along with it and he put me in a leather cat suit that had the whole crotch and ass section cut out. He tied me up and hung me from the ceiling. He then ball Gaged me and blindfolded me. I heard him run up the stairs and get his friends. They all barked like dogs seeing a female dog in heat. They got to choose the tools and let's just say vibrators and whips were used. My boyfriend had made this dildo out of a old vibrator and a power drill the other day. He put it in my pussy. Let's just say I orgasimed so many times I couldn't walk strait for a week. They eventually left the basement and my bofriend put these hanging vibrators in my pussy and ass and left me there for the whole day. He feed me, and I got visited a couple times by his friends and him. I love my boyfriend and how I'm his toy to show off